Monday, September 16, 2013

Alexander McQueen

 Alexander McQueen was an amazing designer, and even though he passed away in 2010 his legacy lives on. His extremely creative, bizarre, and strange taste has taken over the runways. Most of his runway fashion will not be seen on the street, but his street wear is just as fabulous as his runway style--little quirks and flares can be seen on even the most basic Alexander McQueen designs.

At first glance, Alexander McQueen might seem to be your typical British gay man, but he was so much more. He is best known for is work with Givenchy  and his own company (Alexander McQueen), which was established in 2007. His catwalks are known worldwide as being seriously outrageous, and a little on the dark side.

Alexander McQueen is definitely one of my favorite designers, and I am happy with the direction that the designers that have taken over since his passing are going in.